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Our social media Policy


Heston Action Group encourages the use of social media, in particular Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp to communicate with, and between, members about the Group’s activities and achievements. 

HAG members will be reminded of this Social Media Policy from time to time, and will be required to follow it at all times.

All HAG members are responsible for any content posted on social media sites even if the online profile is anonymous. All material that is posted will be moderated by the Management Committee and appropriate action shall be taken if any inappropriate content is shared. 

All members must:  
(i)    consider the whole audience that might ordinarily have access to postings and never assume that something, which published would always remain private within the Group. 

(ii)    carefully consider the content of any posting to ensure that it is appropriate and suitable and that it is not prejudicial to the good reputation of HAG.  

(iii)    not harass, bully, intimidate or threaten anyone. Insults, offensive or derogatory language and swearing are not acceptable, even in abbreviated or masked forms. 

(iv)     not share personal information, or use personal information of Group members inappropriately. 

(v)    not use HAG social media platforms for promoting their businesses or for marketing purposes, without the written consent of the HAGS committee. 

(v)    consider whether it is appropriate to share HAG material on other social media, and if so ensuring that this is done in a professional manner and in accordance with the principles set out herein. 

Any questions about this Social Media Policy should be directed to the HAG Secretary by email to

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