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current HAG projectS & COLLaborations



HAG was successful in its bid to the London Mayor's Grow Back Greener Fund, in order to create the West London Tree Hub. Through this we have started a tree nursery with donations from The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) ~ "IDigTrees", which will become the centre for education and information about the importance of trees in our urban landscape. Through engagement with local schools and the community, and our partnership with Hounslow & Hounslow Highways (and other sponsors) we aim to depave and rewild some of our public spaces and front gardens. 


HESTON Community Garden in Sutton Playing FieldS

HAG have worked with LB Hounslow and other organisations to develop a Community Garden in an area of Sutton Playing Fields.  A public consultation was held in 2020; the response from Heston residents was overwhelming in favour of this project. As we can see from current participation and attendance its obvious that's the case. If you would like to get involved in the community garden please email us at

heston in the loop - collaboration with ReLOnDON & Hounslow Council 

HAG are collaborating with Hounslow Council and ReLondon to run the Heston in the Loop Project - focussing on the transition to a circular economy through initiatives in Heston and Hounslow.  Come and join our gardening workshops at Heston Community Garden. 


Hounslow GreenTalk has been set up by Hounslow Council to lead the identification and cultivation of the tree legacy in the borough.  The primary objective is to provide a mechanism for community groups in Hounslow to recruit new and engage existing members/volunteers to adopt and care for trees in their area.  

Heston War memorial RESTORATION

In May 2021, HAG were awarded a large grant by the Hounslow Council Thriving Communities Fund for the restoration and enhancement of Heston War Memorial.  The restoration of the monument  has been completed, and the project with now focus on replanting around its immediate curtilage and lighting the statue.  For more information download an overview of the project from here

HAG Liaising with MAKE associates on renewal of CIP 

HAG secured a change in the CIP policy, this change in policy recognises the negative impact the saturation of licensed premises have on our community through increased litter, street drinking and fast-food outlets.  More information on this amended and adopted policy can be found in Appendices 1 & 2. Download from

In September 2022 HAG began work again with Hounslow Council's external consultant MAKE Associates to ensure Heston continues to be part of the renewed Cumulative Impact Policy in September 2023.  Read more about this CIP at

HAG Liaising with Hounslow Council on adoption of A4D

HAG have begun working with Hounslow Council on the potential introduction of Article 4 Directions in Heston shop parades.   A recent relaxation of Permitted Development policy now permits a change of use of buildings within Class E use (commercial, business and service) to residential use without the need for planning permission.  HAG do not support the loss of our our shops to potentially sub standard housing.  Hounslow Council will consult with Hounslow residents by way of public consultation before this policy is potentially adopted.  HAG will publicise this consultation via our social media platforms to ensure Heston residents get an opportunity to respond.

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